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Understanding Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process is a systematic process that consumes your time invariably in nurturing the right candidate for the right position.

The below chart denotes break-up of requirement process in various sub-processes; quoting approximate time consumed in each relevant sub-process. It is a complete study of all the core and non-core activities included in the recruitment process.

Sub Process % of Time
Understanding of the requirement 5%
Placing the job position on respective portals/domain 5%
Sorting the profiles and sending mailers 30%
Screening the responses as per job order 30%
Calling and scheduling 20%
Follow up and closing 10%

Recruitment Process Lifecycle

Understanding requirement specifications

Experience, technical skill sets, managerial aptitude, flexibility, localization, environmental ethics, etc are grounds, which companies take into account depending upon the job and nature of work. Studying these requirements minutely and sourcing candidates is the first and foremost job.

Job-Boards database searching and Sourcing

Job-board database searching is the first active task initiated on receiving the requisition. To get quality candidates, we have subscribed on major job portals worldwide that serve us with a large bandwidth of candidates' resumes from all streams. While not restricted to a single medium, we also source candidates from other channels like networks, agencies, referrals etc. We also have a large Social Network advertising campaign with candidates registered to receive daily vacant position updates.

Screening, Sorting and Mailing

Candidate screening and assessment is an area that relies on a blend of technology and offshore recruiter's expertise. We have developed effective processes to present the most prominent candidates in front of your hiring managers.


While the hiring decision remains with the recruiting company, we can help to support managers in a variety of ways to speed the hiring process. We can be involved in the process to call all the short-listed candidates, schedule their interviews, arrange and facilitate recruitment trips, collect and submit all required documentation, do all credentialing & verifications, sending offer/rejection mailers, facilitate the resignation and start date of the candidate, facilitate and submit required medical reports, prepare and inform the candidates for their new country / work environment and finally close the position by facilitating departure of candidate.