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PHYSICIANS All Other - Specialists /Consultants /Senior Consultants Al-Khobar & Riyadh Saudi Arabia

**Hot Job**


Recruiting INTERNATIONAL PHYSICIANS for contract job opportunities available at a HOSPITALS located in RIYADH & AL-KHOBAR, SAUDI-ARABIA.

This hospital forms part of the Private Medical Group which is the largest provider of comprehensive healthcare in the Middle East.

This Private Medical Group offers a multicultural, high quality working environment supported by leading medical professionals from over 40 countries including USA, Canada, UK/Ireland, France and Germany.

By joining this group you will be part of their diverse and highly qualified work force of +4000 Physicians, +10,000 staff, 350+ clinics, 1500+ Beds and 25+ Awards. The group offers many exciting opportunities for you to learn, grow and to advance your career.





TOTAL MONTHLY SALARY: UP TO 70 000 SAR (Salary paid in Saudi Arabian Riyals)

70 000 SAR is +/- 28 000 AUD / 18 700 USD / 30 000 NZD / 24 700 CAD / 14 350 GBP / 17 200 EUR / 278 000 ZAR.

This total monthly salary amount includes: Tax free Basic Monthly Salary + Incentive allowance + Professional allowance. 

Salaries are offered according to experience and qualifications of the candidate.



  • Free Fully furnished accommodation (apartment) provided with all basic necessities and home appliances.   
  • If you have children - Educational support for a child (as per labour law only 2 kids over 6 years and under 18 years entitled) varies from SR 13 000 up to SR 20 000 per child per annum, on the condition that the child(ren) must be enrolled in an accredited school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Economy class round trip air ticket to your destination country upon completion of every 12 months service for employee and Authorized dependents. (Failure to complete the subsequent period of service - 12 months - will result in recoupment by the Employer of all ticketing and travel cost paid)
  • Transportation provided to and from work only.
  • Medical Insurance/Healthcare. Provided to employee and authorized dependents (If you are married - Again you, your spouse and 2 kids under the age of 18 are entitled).
  • 30 calendar days annual vacation.  Added to this 10 calendar days annual holidays.
  • Professional leave: Up to 7 calendar days, after completion of 12 months of service and having a valid contract for a subsequent 12 months, as per company policy.
  • 3 Months’ probation period.


Working Hours: 48 Hours/6 days a week. Split shifts is hospital policy ( as there are not enough patients in the afternoon) you will be required to work mornings and evenings. Note. Consultants not required to work night-shifts.    

The benefits outlined here applies to most Consultants and is up to the discretion of the employer and not Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements


  • Must include working as a CONSULTANT.
  • This hospital group prefer 5-7 years experience post specialist qualification. Candidates with Canadian board are required to have 3-5 years post board certification experience.



  • AUSTRALIA: Fellowship of the Royal College/Colleges
  • AUSTRIA: Facharztdiplom (Diploma of medical specialist) issued by ÖsterreichischeArztekammer
  • BELGIUM: Bijzondereberoepstitel van geneesheerspecialist/ Titre professionnel particuier de médecin spécialiste (Tier 1) /Bijzondereberoepstitel van huisarts/ Titre professional particulier de médecin généraliste (Tier 1)
  • CANADA: RCPSC (Specialization Certificate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons) of Canada
  • CYPRUS: Certificate of medical specialization - Πιστοποιητικ? Αναγν?ρισης Ειδικ?τητας (Tier 3) / Title of specialization in General Medicine - Τ?τλοςΕιδικ?τητας Γενικ?ς Ιατρικ?ς (Tier 3)
  • DENMARK: Certificate concerning the title of Specialist - Bevis for tilladelsetil at betegne sig somspeciallaege (Tier 2)
  • FINLAND: Certificate of specialist in medicine - Erikoislääkarin tutkinto/ Special läkarexamen (Tier 2) / Certificate of specific training for general medical practice - Todistus yleislääketieteen erityiskoulutuksesta/Bevis om särskild allmänläkarutbildning (Tier 2)  
  • FRANCE: CES - Certificate of Specialized Studies in Medicine - Certificat d'études spécialisées de médecine (Tier 1) OR DES/DESC - Diploma of complementary specialized studies - Diplôme d'études spécialisées /Diplôme d'études spécialisées complémentaires qualifiant de médecine (Tier 1) OR Qualification in general medicine - Diplôme d'études spécialisées de medicine générale (Tier 1) OR DIS - Interuniversity Diploma of medical specialty - Diplôme Interuniversitaire de Spécialité (Tier 3)
  • GREECE: Certificate of medical specialization - Τ?τλoς Iατρικ?ςΕιδικ?τητας (Tier 3) / Certificate of specific training for general medical practice - T?τλος ιατρικ?ςειδικ?τητας γενικ?ς ιατρικ?ς (Tier 3)
  • GERMANY: Certificate of medical specialist - Fachärztliche Anerkennung/ Urkunde (Tier 1) / Certificate of specialist training in general medicine - A Zeugnis über die spezifische Ausbildung in der Allgemeinmedizin (Tier 1)
  • ICELAND: Certificate of specialist in medicine - Sérfræðileyfi (Tier 2) / Certificate of specific training for general practice - An Almennt heimilislækningaleyfi (Evrópulækningaleyfi) (Tier 2)
  • IRELAND:  CSCT - Completion of Specialist Training Certificate (Tier 1) / CSCST - Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Training in General Practice (Tier 1) / MRCP - Membership/ Fellowship of the Royal Colleges  (Tier 2) / FRCS - Intercollegiate Specialty Board (Tier 3).
  • ITALY: Diploma of specialized doctor granted by the rector of an Italian University - A Diploma di medico specialista, rilasciati dal rettore di unauniversita (Tier 2) / Certificate of specific training for general medical practice - An Attesto di formazionespecifica in medicinagenerale (Tier 2)
  • LUXEMBOURG: Certificat de médicin spécialiste (Tier 2) / Diplôme de formation spécifique en médicine genérale (Tier 2)
  • MALTA: Medical Specialist Certificate - ?ertifikat ta' Spe?jalista Mediku awarded by the Kumitat ta' Approvazzjoni dwar Spe?jalisti (Tier 3)
  • NETHERLANDS: Certificate of recognition - Bewijis van  inschrijving in een Specialistenregister (Tier 1)
    • Specialist Register certificate (Tier 1)
    • Certificaat van inschrijving in een specialistenregister van  huisartsen (Tier 1)
    • Huisarts en Verpleeghuisarts Registratie Comissie (HVRC) van de Koninklike Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Geneeskunst - note that only certificates issued before 19 July 2007 are accepted from this awarding body
  • NEW ZEALAND: FRCP - Fellowship of the Royal College (Tier 1)
  • NORWAY: Specialist Medical Association - Spesialistgodkjenning issued by the Den Norske Legeforening (Tier 2) / SAK - Certificate of specific training for general medical practice - Bevis for kompetanse som allmennpraktiserende lege/Godkjenning som allmennpraktiserende lege (Tier 2)
  • PORTUGAL: Specialist Award - Título de Especialista (Tier 2) / Certificate of specific training for general medical practice - Título de especialista em medicina geral e familiar (Tier 2)
  • SPAIN:  Specialist qualification - Título de especialista (Tier 2) / Specialist certificate - Título de especialista en medicina familiar y comunitaria (Tier 2)
    • M.Med - Masters of Medicine (Tier 1) OR
    • CMSA - Fellowship certificate (Tier 1)
  • SWEDEN: Specialist Certificate - Bevis om specialistkompetens som läkare (Tier 1)
  • SWITZERLAND: Specialist qualification - Diplôme de médecin spécialiste/ Diplom als Facharzt/ Diploma di medico specialista (Tier 2) /   Certificate of specific training for general medical practice (Tier 2)
  • TURKEY: Specialty degree (Three (3) years course duration) (Tier 3)
    • CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training) OR
    • CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) OR
    • Membership/ Fellowship of the Royal Colleges with specialist registration by the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • USA:  ABMS (American Board)


  • Must have a valid license to practice.


About the Employer

With a vision to be the most trusted healthcare provider in medical excellence and patient experience globally, this medical group has become the largest provider of comprehensive healthcare services in the Middle East.  As it is currently operating 20 Medical Facilities across Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain; in addition to developing the first private medical city in Saudi Arabia.

Their mission is to develop and operate state of the art medical facilities and provide innovative healthcare services to create value for people starting from the early stages of planning and designing until the final implementation, operation, obtaining the required accreditation.

They have received 38 international and national awards and accreditation which include JCI, ISO, MEED, Forbes, CPQ, Arab Health Awards, The Middle East HR Excellence Award, and Middle East Insights’ Quality Service Awards.