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3 Year Contract job opportunities for international medical professionals to work in a destination which if one of the worlds next big hot spots, the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Qatar's premier non-profit health care provider in Doha, strives to recruit only the best international medical professionals for vacancies now available. The hospital group is the main provider of secondary & tertiary healthcare in Qatar and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East. 

Candidates from all countries are invited to apply.



3 Year contract (renewable)

  • Single and family contracts available.
  • Generous Tax free basic salary.  Offered according to experience.

From 15 000 QAR up to 27875 QAR basic salary per month. 

27875  QAR +/- 115 000  ZAR, 7000 EUR , 11400 AUD, 7700 USD, 10200 CAD, 6200 GBP, 5400 JOD, 22 000 TND.  Salary paid in QAR.                   

  • Free fully furnished accommodation provided.
  • Transport allowance of 1250 QAR per month added to your basic salary.
  • Free "round trip" (to and from home country) flight tickets on joining, annual leave, and on repatriation. For those with family contract offered this will be also be applicable for your family (wife and up to 3 children up to 18 years old).
  • School allowance: 21 000 QAR (maximum) for up to 3 children (ages 5- 18) per child per academic year provided that they are studying in private schools in Doha.
  • 40 days paid annual vacation days.
  • End of Service Award (at end of contract) which is one month's salary for each year worked.
  • Etc.

The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer.  Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements

EDUCATION:  (Full time studies)

  • Minimum: 2 year Diploma related to Hotel and Catering Management. 


7 years working experience in Hotel, Hospital or Catering Industry OF WHICH:

  • 4 years in a internationally recognized Hotel or Catering Facility with large Food & Beverage / Catering operation (e.g. Airline, Cruise);
  • 2 year managerial posting with similar responsibility.

Suggestion from the Catering Department - candidates with experience: 

  • In the in a healthcare sector.
  • Working for  Sodexo (French food services and facilities management company)
  • Working for Compass Contracting Company (British multinational contract food-service company) 


  • Not applicable. 


  • Fluent in English - Oral and Written.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge and application of the the medical groups mission, vision and values.
  2. Actively manage and provide leadership to the hospital and reports to the assistant director on the position of the department in relation to meeting the objectives in respect of the medical group and engineering directive.
  3. Work with the clinical service managers to ensure that technical staffs are available to support the clinical service delivery of the respective departments.
  4. Provide technical advice on behalf of engineering, facilities and project management matters affecting the hospital/ clinical service relating to engineering maintenance and projects activities and to ensure compliance with legislation, H.T.M.’s and approved codes of practice.
  5. Inform the assistant executive in respect of the level of implementation required to conform with legislation and ACOP which may have an effect on the Trust’s policy of providing a safe place of work for employees and public alike.
  6. Carry out surveys and provide the Head of Engineering with information concerning the condition of the Trust’s Estate Portfolio, and advise on development and investment requirements to ensure maximum return on Stock and Capital Investment.
  7. Monitoring of facilities assets on a continual basis to ascertain whether they are operating to their optimum efficiency and to report this position to the applicable staff including the CEO and assistant executives.
  8. Investigate Hazard Notices and Safety Information Bulletins and take corrective action as required.
  9. Operate Permit to work systems where hazards to patients, public and staff exist.
  10. Inform Engineering staff about procedures for consultation, discipline, grievances & appeals and to implement these procedures in accordance with local guidelines.
  11. To be aware of the implications of the latest statutory legislation, building regulations, health and safety legislation and to advise the assistant executive director of the implication to ensure compliance.
  12. To be involved in the 24/7 on-call Team, taking responsibility for multiple hospital sites in case of emergency.
  13. To ensure a level of knowledge and participate in regular training to maintain the necessary skills and technical ability to carry out duties in an efficient manner that will ensure the Health, safety and welfare of patients, staff and visitors is met at all times and to participate in it when required to do so.
  14. Responsible for implementation and evolution of the assurance standards in which the department have an active role throughout the hospital. Lead in the formation, development, dissemination and audit of policy and procedure documents and ensure the observance of policies and procedures for providing safe systems of work as required by the H&S at work act, COSHH, CDM, building regulations, HTM’s and approved codes of practice.
  15. The operational management of the departments building and engineering services ensuring a comprehensive service is provided. Ensuring that effective systems are established to comply with the appropriate governance and Audit requirements
  16. To establish and performance manage external contracts which complement the internal delivery of operational services, ensuring compliance with all statutory legislation pertaining to such activities.
  17. Ensure records which relate to the operational service (including drawings, O&M manuals) are fit for purpose, and kept up to date, to ensure compliance with good practice, statutory,  Qatar state requirements.
  18. Responsible for the physical assets for several services (civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, A/c/ref engineering) and have responsibility for financial resources and physical assets planning.
  19. Specify, implement and monitor record-keeping necessary to demonstrate compliance with legislation, Codes of Practices, Health Technical Memoranda, insurance requirements and management systems, relating to the operational service.
  20. To act as the Responsible Person, for the highly critical infrastructure by way of meeting the necessary academic qualifications of “authorized person” for medical gases, electrical compliance L.V.; Pressure Systems, HVAC. This will include managing the safe implementation of safe systems of work by ensuring the roles of competent persons and implemented as part of the process.
  21. To ensure the engineering general office and administration support functions, including computerized maintenance, stores, provide appropriate administration and clerical support to enable an effective function. This will require close liaison across sites to enable common and consistent administration procedures to be developed across the organisation.
  22. Carry out risk assessments and devise and implement risk management programmes for the directorate, department and corporation.
  23. Implement and develop and retain an effective (with respect to risk, quality and value) Planned Preventative Maintenance system to ensure full compliance with statutory requirements and recommendations in Health Technical Memoranda, Codes of practice, etc.
  24. Prepare and routinely update the capital infrastructure programme, plant replacement, building fabric, and redecoration programmes, to inform the planning process, to ensure the assets are retained (as far as reasonably practical) fit for purpose and able to support/enable the corporation’s business strategy.
  25. Provide business cases which identify, prioritize and evaluate requirements.
  26. Ensure operational input and advice is provided to the Design Team during the early design/conceptual stages of all capital works. Liaise with the Design Team, to ensure in-house support is available when required for service shutdowns as required for capital schemes.
  27. Ensure the adequacy of engineering contingency and emergency plans, and ensure a comprehensive emergency service is provided to the organisation.
  28. Ensure the department has in place an appropriate permit to work system for all aspects of engineering, ensuring where necessary adequately trained authorized persons are available at all times.
  29. To participate in change towards the development of a flexible, responsive customer focused service, which is integrated throughout the organisation by corporate wide engineering strategy.
  30. Develop effective partnerships with clinical staff, and foster an environment within which all engineering staff have an opportunity to provide the required technical input for critical infrastructure such as medical gas systems, electrical infrastructure including emergency backup systems etc to meet the specific needs of patients and staff.
  31. Develop processes for the analysis and assessment of standards of service comparative information, KPI and benchmarking in order to ensure that engineering meets the standards in service agreements with clinical divisions, performance measures, and which adds value to patient care and clinical outcomes.
  32. To ensure the requirements of JCI and appropriate Assurance framework is implemented and managed and action plans established to reduce risk, improve quality and value. This will include all necessary documentation relating to the facility utilities, engineering systems, equipment and services within the hospitals.
  33. To develop a system of statutory inspections working closely with all locality administration staff to ensure all necessary actions are implemented in a timely manner (including, LOLER, PUWR, Pressure Vessels, Fire Alarm, EaW, legionella, etc.).
  34. Carry out, facilitate and contribute to the updating of annual surveys, providing risk and cost assessment reports and information (6 facet surveys).
  35. To participate as the duty engineer on a rostered basis, authorising callouts of in-house staff or contractors for emergency repairs.

Operational Duties:

  1. Lead responsibility to manage engineering operational, emergency, reactive and planned maintenance to required timeframe.
  2. Provide and maintain information on space utilization, condition and backlog maintenance.
  3. Work additional hours as necessary to meet the needs of the service or as needed to oversee emergency repairs.
  4. May be required to oversee works in areas of uncontrolled hazards i.e. gas leak, steam leak, live LV working, bodily fluids, raw sewage. 5. Oversee contractors and ensure quality control.
  5. Prioritize changing workloads.
  6. Deal with telephone queries as required, responding to help desk emergencies/major incidents as required.
  7. Undertake any other duties appropriate to the post.

Financial Management Responsibilities:

  1. To achieve acceptable standards of maintenance and value for money, by efficient and effective planning and use of financial and manpower resources, providing regular updates to the A/ Ex/ Director of Engineering
  2. Monitor and control progress of plant replacement schemes to ensure they are completed on time and within budget.
  3. To ensure by forward planning, routine monitoring and appropriate action, that the revenue Maintenance Budget is balanced at year end.

Human Resources Management Responsibilities and Training:

  1. Advise the Directors on training needs for all staff and encourage individuals to develop their expertise in areas that will prove beneficial not only on a personal level, but also to the service provided by the Directorate. Submit annual training plan, duly prioritized in accordance with the medical groups and Directorate policies.
  2. Ensure that all staff attends mandatory training in accordance with the medical group and Directorate Policies and Procedures.
  3. Carry out annual Staff Appraisals as part of the performance review process.
  4. Ensure that a monthly meeting or team briefing sessions is carried out for all operational staff to enable good lines of communication and to positively encouraging staff involvement and participation. Initiate staff IDR/PDP/staff (and contractor) inductions and familiarization training, providing technical guidance/Health & Safety on the correct and efficient use of materials, services and equipment.

Other Responsibilities – Asset Management:

  1. Prepare and manage the property management database and update as and when necessary.
  2. Act as duty engineer on a rostered basis, authorizing callouts, of in-house staff or contractors for emergency repairs. Managing emergency procedures in accordance with Trust and Department policies.

Note: The duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description although comprehensive are not definitive and you may be required to perform other duties at the request of your manager.

About the Employer

Qatar’s national healthcare delivery system is rapidly developing. Here, you will have the opportunity to team with the best and the brightest professionals in healthcare and to provide world class patient care service for the population. This medical group has one of the biggest workforce in Qatar, with more than 2 million people living and working in Qatar, this diverse and exciting organization has more than 90 different nationalities working to deliver the best care always to their patients and the Qatar community.

Since its establishment the healthcare provider rapidly developed medical facilities capable of providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of disease.  It currently manages 12 hospitals – 9 specialist hospitals and 3 community hospitals – as well as the National Ambulance Service and home and residential care services.

More about Qatar:

  • Qatar is the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and listed as the richest country in the world by Forbes.
  • Qatar is home to many expats who relocated here for work and those drawn to its life of luxury, this is most evident in the capital city Doha.
  • Doha is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of Qatar.
  • Doha has awesome attractions. You will be able to experience adventure, buzzing nightlife, culture or relaxation. Qatar does not only offer the most amazing desert landscapes but also stunning beautiful beaches beautiful beaches to enjoy.