PEDIATRIC Occupational Therapist (Al-Ain Pediatric Facility)

OT - Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapist Al-Ain United Arab Emirates


Amazing contract job opportunities available for international  Occupational Therapist at  a Long-Term Care Rehabilitation Hospital in Al AIN,  UAE.  Are you a SuPeRioR patient focused OT  who beliefs that each and every patient should receive the right level of care, in the right setting, at the right time?  Do you want to take your career to the next level  by gaining international work experience while earning an excellent salary package?  If yes, please do read further.

In this role you will receive a total monthly salary of  26 666 AED (20 000 AED basic salary + 6666 AED housing allowance).  

This is +/- R107 000 (South-African Rand), 7300 USD, 6000 GBP, 10700 AUD, 6550 EUR, 9600 CAD per month + Benefits such as health insurance, flight tickets, annual leave etc. 

We are seeking to recruit OT’s qualified in countries such as South-Africa, Canada, USA, Australia, and all European countries such as UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain etc.

with Bachelor Degree/Diploma in OT (min 3 years full-time course duration) OR direct entry  MSc Degree in OT

Must have  + 3  years licensed OT experience in acute hospital or community -based rehab setting.



The healthcare facility offers dynamic careers with opportunities for continual growth and development. It  promotes a culture that encourages work-life balance and creates opportunities for exploring and expanding staff members’ personal and professional goals.

A Competitive Recruitment Package offered to Overseas candidates (for a unlimited time period, 6 months probationary period).

TOTAL MONTHLY PACKAGE IS 26 666 AED (basic salary + housing allowance).
26 666 AED is depending or currency rates equal to +/-  R107 000 (South-African Rand), 7300 USD, 6000 GBP, 10700 AUD, 6550 EUR, 9600 CAD per month. Salary will be paid in AED.

Basic Monthly Salary: 20 000 AED per month.

Housing Allowance: 6666 AED per month along with salary.

Housing: For candidates coming outside of the UAE accommodation will be provided for 1 month only during the first month of employment.

Health insurance: with group approved insurer provided for yourself by the company. (You may enroll family members in said coverage at your cost. The cost of family coverage will be deducted from your monthly salary.)

22 Working days annual leave per year (excludes off days and public holidays) for therapist working 5 days per week.

Flight ticket to home country provided following the first anniversary of the commencement date and every year thereafter you shall be provided with one economy class return air ticket (for you only) to your home country. If you choose not to fly to your home country, you can elect to receive this amount in cash amounting to 3 000 AED. 

Training and development opportunities. 

Service bonus upon completion of contract.

The recruitment package is determined and offered by the employer and not by Global Medical Recruiting.  The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees.




Minimum Requirements


Bachelor Degree/Diploma in Occupational Therapy (min 3 years course duration) 

OR direct entry to a recognized program with the attainment of a MSc Degree in Occupational Therapy


Valid BLS certificate. For DOH-Abu Dhabi Licensing application, the acceptable Basic Life Support (BLS) must be from accredited by one of the following bodies:

1. American Heart Association

2. European Resuscitation Council

3. New Zealand Resuscitation Council

4. Australian Resuscitation Council.


Evidence of completion of discipline specific specialist course e.g. Splinting/casting, specialized seating assessment and prescription with course certification, Bobath Neuro Development Therapy certification, sensory integration certification, cognitive behavioral therapy.


Not less than 3 years as a licensed OT in a acute hospital or community -based rehab setting

Including clinical experience in:

  • Wheelchair seating (pediatrics)
  • Splinting or casting
  • Pediatric developmental screening 
  • Sensory Integration of pediatric patients. 

Note: OT working in school settings will not be considered. 


Must be eligible for the DOH - Department of Health license Abu-Dhabi or transferable UAE license as an Occupational Therapist. 


Fluent in English - Oral and Written.


This employer looking to recruit OT's with experience in the following areas:

Adult/Pediatric patients.

Wheelchair seating

Post Stroke rehabilitation.


Neuro rehabilitation.

Pediatric Developmental Screening

Community Based experience treating adults with neurological problems.  

Home Care

Sensory Integration & Behavioral Therapy.

Outpatient Complex Rehabilitation.

Respite Care

Transitional Care


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About the Employer

The healthcare provider operates 2 hospitals in the UAE.

In Abu Dhabi - a specialized inpatient rehabilitation hospital

& in Al Ain - a long-term care hospital for medically complex patients.

A private specialized provider of the following healthcare services including:


  • POST STROKE REHABILITATION: Helping patients recover from a stroke or brain hemorrhage through an intensive program of inpatient rehabilitation. Provides intensive, in-patient rehabilitation after a stroke or brain hemorrhage leading to body weakness, speech and language difficulties, swallowing difficulties, cognitive and perceptual deficits and a range of other neurological impairments.              
  • NEURO REHABILITATION: Restoring function and independence after a severe head injury, complex neurosurgery or spinal injury. Provides intensive, in-patient rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury and neurosurgery.                                                                
  • MEDICALLY COMPLEX REHABILITATION: Restoring function and independence for patients with complex medical disorders such as breathing difficulties, neurological conditions, complex wounds or complications of diabetes.                                                                  
  • REHABILITATION AFTER SURGERY OR TRAUMA: Restoring function and independence following trauma or major surgery including complex orthopedic procedures.


The Healthcare providers Long-Term Acute Care facilities are fully licensed hospitals with ICU-level capabilities but a warm, home-like feel – combining traditional architecture and modern design to create a healing environment 

  • VENTILATED AND MEDICALLY COMPLEX PATIENTS: Intensive medical care and rehabilitation for pediatric and adult patients on long-term mechanical ventilation.
  • NON-VENTILATED PATIENTS WITH ADVANCED MEDICAL CARE: Comprehensive medical, nursing, and rehabilitative care focused on maximizing the individual’s quality of life.


  • HOME CARE: Supporting patients at home with regular visits by a specialized team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation experts. The Home Care team specializes in caring for patients in the comfort of their own homes – especially those with complex medical needs not adequately served by non-specialized home care providers.
  • RESPITE CARE: Caring for patients in the temporary absence of family members or regular caregiver – including for patients with complex medical needs who require 24-hour medical and nursing care. The Respite Care service provides short-term accommodation in the healthcare facility for patients who are usually cared for at home.  This provides temporary relief when family members or regular caregivers are away and gives patients all the benefits of care at an Healthcare facility.
  • TRANSITIONAL CARE: Hands-on support with home modifications, carer training and equipment for patients and families to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home Healthcare provides a dedicated Transitional Care service for patients moving from hospital to home following a major illness, surgery or a period of intensive rehabilitation – whether in their home country or after receiving medical care overseas. The transition is managed in stages – initially with home visits and brief home-stays and later with a detailed home or workplace modification plan prior to discharge.  The team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation experts support the patient and family at each stage of the process.

Why you would love working for this healthcare provider.

This  Healthcare provider is not only JCI accredited but ALSO  the only CARF accredited ( Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) specialized rehabilitation hospital in the UAE; and the only private rehabilitation hospital with CARF accreditation in the Middle East.

In this role you will join an outstanding medical team consisting of:

• ICU specialists, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists and physical medical and rehabilitation specialists –the majority Western-trained.

• A strong and experienced nursing team (large proportion of nurses with Western , European and North American training)

• A Large in-house rehabilitation team including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, speech and language therapists, communication specialists and special educators for both adult and pediatric patients. 

• Arabic speaking staff on all shifts. 

The hospital has latest European and North American equipment including Hill-Rom beds, medical mattresses and state-of-the-art monitoring and patient care equipment. Sophisticated VGo™ telepresence robotics system –the first in the Middle East. REX Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot –the first in the Middle East. Specialized hydrotherapy room, gym facilities, external therapy gardens and children’s play rooms. The patient rooms is Spacious and well-designed with Arabian architecture and a home-like feeling including private space for personal items, a private bathroom and facilities for carers or family members to stay overnight in private, VIP or VVIP rooms.