Registered Respiratory Therapist (NBRC RRT Credential) - Grade 110

Respiratory Therapist with RRT NBRC Credential jobs in Qatar RRT - Registered Respiratory Therapists Doha Qatar

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2024- Overseas Contract Jobs - Doha Qatar

Registered Respiratory Therapist  - Grade 110

*Qatar Public Healthcare provider seeking to recruit international candidates*

*Only candidates with a NBRC - National Board of Respiratory Care RRT Credential will be considered*

To have a RRT Credential from NBRC, you Must have passed TMC (Therapist Multiple Choice exam) and the CSE (Clinical Simulation exam).

Verify here if you have the credential before application:



Both Steps needs to be followed in order to be considered for this vacancy.

Step 1: Register your profile to be added to the candidates register.  Register here>>>

Steps 2: Email your CV + valid home country license to practice + educational certificates/ qualifications to

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Global Medical Recruiting (GMR) is a "Registered Recruitment Partner" with the Medical Group in Qatar. GMR does not charge you (the applicant) any recruitment fees as we are paid by the Medical Group for our placement services. 



Basic Salary: +/- 10 050 QAR per month. This is only an estimated amount. The offered amount is the discretion of the employer. 

Transport Allowance: 1250 QAR per month. 

Accommodation: Provided.

Annual Leave: 40 calendar days.

Air Passage Entitlement: Economy class air passage/flight ticket for self and family - up to 3 children up to 18 years old, on joining, annual leave & repatriation (provided that he/she obtained residence permit for them under his/her sponsorship).

Baggage Allowance: Unaccompanied baggage for yourself - up to 50 kg and family up to 200 kg on joining, and 100kg for self and 250 kg for family on  repatriation, to be reimbursed at standard rate. 

The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements


MUST HAVE a VALID RRT Credential from NBRC - National Board for Respiratory Care. 

*To have a RRT Credential from NBRC, you Must have passed TMC (Therapist Multiple Choice exam) and the CSE (Clinical Simulation exam).

Verify here if you have the credential:


Diploma in Respiratory Therapy(3 year duration)

or Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy (3 year duration)

or Bachelor Degree in Science (3 year duration) plus 1 to 3 years of Structured Respiratory Therapy education from an Accredited College


3-5 Years acute care, specialty, subspecialty or other relevant experience


You must have a valid primary license from the country of origin AND you should be eligible for license from the licensing authority in the State of Qatar to practice as a healthcare profession.


Fluent in English. 



Providing highly specialized Respiratory Therapy services within a professional discipline.

Supervises overall respiratory therapy activities of Respiratory Therapists and Technicians in assigned Division.

Actively participates in the development and revision of standards, guidelines, protocols and pathways for optimal care delivery. Assumes responsibility for self-development through continuing education pathways.


Assess/Plan care:

Participates and or leads in rounds with health care team and exchange information on patient care management between physician and Respiratory Therapist.

Proactively identifies and address potential crisis / risk situations in the clinical environment.

Assesses cardio-respiratory status including physical assessment, response to treatment, non-invasive monitoring, laboratory and radiological data.

Assesses appropriateness of clinical and/or technical support and treatment as related to respiratory therapy.

Anticipates and identifies crisis situations arising from specific illness and/or illness management.

Initiates in the development of the inter-professional patient care plan.

Initiates appropriate referrals to other members of the health care team.

Assists with discharge planning activities as they relate to cardio-respiratory needs.

Performs periodic evaluation of respiratory care assessment and plan of care for all the critical care patients with respiratory disorders in collaboration with Respiratory Therapy Team leaders.

Maintain patient records, ethical and legislative framework that influences the practice of Respiratory Therapy.


Provides direct, specialized comprehensive care, emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention.

Acts as contact person for selected patient populations.

Coordinates transportation of cardio-respiratory compromised patients.

Responds promptly and appropriately to emergency/crisis situations.

May perform Pulmonary Function testing, Early intervention of oxygen delivery and other therapeutic gases; Airway management / Intubation, ventilation invasive/non-invasive; Provision of airway hygiene and mucus clearance; Provides expert technical support of cardio-respiratory equipment.

Advocates for the patient and family.

Assisting physician in complex procedures like tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, E/T intubation, apnea-test procedures, weaning of mechanical ventilation and airway extubation.

Arterial blood gas sampling and analyzing.

Administration of medication e.g.: surfactants, oxygen, helium and nitric oxide etc. by inhalation or Instillation as prescribe by the attending physician.

Assessment and treatment of respiratory associated disorder.

Monitoring respiratory equipment.


Ensures the respiratory therapy plan is responsive to and supportive of the individualized needs of the infant/ child/patient/family with regard to acuity of illness, necessity of technology, and goals of the inter-professional team.


Consults with patient/family, health care team members internal and external to the Employer to provide seamless service for the child/family throughout the continuum of care.

Provides consultation to patients and families, Employer’s staff.


Provides educational training to his / her team members, nurses, Patient families and other health care professionals.

May participate in departmental or program research initiatives.

Creatively uses teaching/learning processes to meet educational goals as health care professionals.

Educational intervention (i.e. Asthma, Complex Technology Dependant Care)

Participates in and/or develops and promotes research.

Engages in evidence-based practice and initiates changes to improve the quality of respiratory care.

Educates patients/families, students and other members of the health care team.

Participates in hospital/departmental/university/college learning programs as required.

Organizational Responsibilities:

May support data collection of key indicators

Preceptors and Evaluator for all the new Staff and Students.

Performing quality control studies, monitoring and evaluating quality indicators for his/ her assigned Division. Performing Open and close Record Review

Developing and Updating Policies and protocols meeting the Employer’s and International standards

Performs periodic Competency evaluation of Respiratory Therapist.

Maintaining staff compliance for respiratory therapy documentation.

Participates on hospital/departmental committees as required.

Leads in quality resource management activities.

May delivers continuing education activities.

May participate in the identification and selection of departmental resources i.e. equipment.

Adheres to hospital standards, policies and procedures in all aspects of providing care.

Engages in reflective practice and participates in the performance management program.

Assists Nursing staff and other members of the health care team in times of increased census and acuity.

Perform other duties as required.

Physical requirements:

This position requires standing, sitting, walking, and talking for undetermined periods of time. The individual can reasonably be expected to bend, stoop, reach, turn, and carry certain amount of weight 50 % of the time.

Working Conditions:

This individual spends more than 90 % of her/his time in patient care areas.

The potential for exposure to biohazardous agents or exposure to blood-borne pathogens and other potential infectious agents is significant.

This position requires contact with patients and staff under a wide variety of circumstances. He/she is subject to varying and unpredictable situations, many interruptions, long irregular working hours, multiple calls and inquiries, meetings, and travel.

About the Employer


The healthcare provider to over two million expatriates and Qatari nationals living and working in Qatar.

This is a diverse and exciting organization where over 90 different nationalities work together for the single purpose of improving the quality of human life through patient care, education and research.

The organization is committed to developing of employees through training, educating and career advancement opportunities.

You will be constantly learning. Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Your individuality will be recognized. 

You are invited to apply for job openings. 


Qatar is home to many expats who relocated here for work and those drawn to its life of luxury, this is most evident in the capital city Doha.

Doha is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of Qatar. Doha has awesome attractions.

You will be able to experience adventure, buzzing nightlife, culture or relaxation.

Qatar does not only offer the most amazing desert landscapes but also stunning beautiful beaches to enjoy