Endodontist Specialist - Grade 113

DENTAL PHYSICIANS Endodontists Doha Qatar


3 Year Contract job opportunities for international medical professionals to work in a destination which if one of the worlds next big hot spots, the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Qatar's premier non-profit health care provider in Doha, strives to recruit only the best international medical professionals for vacancies now available. The hospital group is the main provider of secondary & tertiary healthcare in Qatar and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East. 

Candidates from all countries are invited to apply.



Total monthly salary offered according to experience and qualifications of the candidate and paid in QAR.

Specialist physicians can possibly earn a MAXIMUM amount of 43 349 QAR per month depending on discretion of employer.

43349 QAR is +/- 12 000 USD, 500 000 000 IRR, 8440 JOD, 18 000 000 LBP,  6 000 000 SYP, 17200 AUD, 16 000 CAD, 

10 600 EUR, 9300 GBP,  840 000 INR, 1700 000 PKR, 570 000 SDG, 9150 GBP, 50 600 RON, 104 000 NOK, 770 000 RUB,

170 000 South-African Rand. 

Monthly Basic Salary

 From 13800 QAR up to 25 515 QAR (maximum)

Market Allowance (up to 50 % of basic salary may be offered)

Will depend on % and basic salary offered.

Monthly Professional Allowance (15% of basic salary  & Not payable during any absences whether with or without pay except weekends and official holidays)

Will depend on basic salary offered.

Monthly Transport Allowance

 1,250 QAR


Possible Total Monthly Take Home Pay

43 349 QAR (Maximum)  

Non-monetary benefits on top of the total monthly salary offered are:

Annual leave per year  

40 Calendar days.


Provided as appropriate to job title (and upon satisfaction of appropriate conditions for female candidates).

Economy-class return flight ticket

For yourself and family (spouse and up to 3 children up to 18 years of age) for joining, annual leave and repatriation (and upon satisfaction of appropriate conditions).

Conference entitlement of every other year

Upon completion of 18 months in service, for a maximum of 9 days (not debit able to annual leave entitlement)

School Allowance

21,000 QAR (maximum) per child per academic year up to 3 children (ages 5 years to 18 years of age provided they are under your sponsorship and they are studying in a private school in Doha), will be reimbursed upon submission of the appropriate receipts and will cover basic tuition fees only (and upon satisfaction of appropriate conditions).


The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements

Eligibility Criteria for Specialist Physicians:

A undergraduate Degree in Dentistry - DDS/BDS/DMD or its equivalent (minimum 5 years duration) + Specialist Qualification (3 years specialty training program).




ARAB COUNTRIES: Completion of a 3 years Clinical Specialty Master Program and experience post completion of the Speciality program as below. 

Egypt: Minimum 3 Years experience required.  

Jordan: Minimum 3 Years experience required

Lebanon:Minimum 3 Years experience required.  

Syria: Minimum 3 Years experience required.  

Iran: Minimum 4 years experience required.


NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED post completion of the following Speciality Programs:

AUSTRALIA: Master of Dental Science (MDSc) or Doctor of Clinical Dentistry. 

CANADA: Certificate of completion of Specialty training program AND Masters Degree.  (OR Only a Certificate of completion of Specialty training program + 1 Year experience)

GERMANY: Fachzahnarzt Certificate. 

USA: Certificate of completion of Specialty training program AND Masters Degree (OR Only a Certificate of completion of Specialty training program + 1 Year experience) 

UK & IRELAND & HONG KONG: Clinical Masters Degree (MClinDent) AND Specialty Membership (MOrth, MPaedDent, MRD(Endo)/(Perio)/(Pros), MSurgDent. 

SWEDEN: Certificate of completion of specialty training program AND Master's Degree. 



DENMARK: Specialty Certificate. Experience required: No experience. 

FRANCE: CES (certified d'etudes specialisces) OR DES certificate OR DIS (Diploma Interuniversitaies de Specialitie). Experience required: 2 years experience.

INDIA: MDS (Master of Dental Surgery). Experience required:4 years experience. 

NETHERLANDS: Clinical Specialty Certificate. Experience required: 2 years experience. 

NORWAY: Certificate of completion of specialist training. Experience required: No experience. 

ROMANIA: Specialty Certicate + 4 years experience. 

RUSSIA: Specialty Certificate (clinical ordinatura) + 4 years experience. 

SINGAPORE: MDS. Experience required: 4 years experience. 

SOUTH-AFRICA: Master in Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent). Experience required: 2 years experience. 

SWITZERLAND: Clinical Masters Degree. Experience required: No experience.



Valid Primary License AND should be eligible for license in the State of Qatar within the Supreme Council of Health.



The specialist works in a team setting and is accountable to the Consultant, Section Head and/or Department Chair. The Specialist acts under the guidance of the Consultant in the provision of clinical service and supports the Consultant in their duties. The specialist participates in the management of patients to the extent of his/her delineation of privileges.

Research is a key and integral component to the Corporations Strategic aim to become an Academic Health System. The post holder must be able to contribute and support on delivering an integrated strategic vision and planning for Clinical, Research, Education and training which improves the quality of patient care.


The specialist is responsible for organizing, monitoring and maintaining the services provided within the department in order to achieve the highest possible level of patient care with optimum utilization of the available resources.

  1. Adheres to policies, guidelines, plans and programs.
  2. Performs all duties assigned to a specialist physician
  3. Acquires SCH License to practice and maintains it while working for the medical group.
  4. Completes and maintains his set of clinical privileges.
  5. Performs all relevant patient-care clinical interventions related to his/her field of specialization to the extent of his/her delineation of privileges.
  6. Makes daily rounds for inpatients in the department and evaluates patient care-related activities as assigned by the consultant and/or chairperson of the department.
  7. Provides care to old and new patients in the specialized clinics as assigned by the consultant, and presents new cases, when required, to the consultant
  8. Performs on-call duties as assigned by his/her supervisors.
  9. Provides guidance, counsel and consultation to other departments when requested.
  10. Confers and discusses patient progress reports and any concerns related to management of patient with the consultant attending the patient.
  11. Writes, completes and approves medical records and reports for patients, including but not limited to history and physical, progress notes, operative report, consultation note, transfer summary, discharge summary, death summary, etc.
  12. Carries out practical training, academic responsibilities and scientific research as directed by the department head/chairperson.
  13. Participates in health education programs through orientation and scientific presentations.
  14. Assumes supervisory responsibility for the performance of his/her subordinates in the assigned department or service.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned/directed by the Consultant/Section Head/Department Chair and approved by the Medical Director.
  16. Ensure self and member of the Investigation Team are properly trained. Compile with the policies systems and processes in place that governs research.
  17. Ensure patients are aware of their rights and responsibilities.


About the Employer

Qatar’s national healthcare delivery system is rapidly developing. Here, you will have the opportunity to team with the best and the brightest professionals in healthcare and to provide world class patient care service for the population. This medical group has one of the biggest workforce in Qatar, with more than 2 million people living and working in Qatar, this diverse and exciting organization has more than 90 different nationalities working to deliver the best care always to their patients and the Qatar community.

Since its establishment the healthcare provider rapidly developed medical facilities capable of providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of disease.  It currently manages 12 hospitals – 9 specialist hospitals and 3 community hospitals – as well as the National Ambulance Service and home and residential care services.

More about Qatar:

  • Qatar is the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and listed as the richest country in the world by Forbes.
  • Qatar is home to many expats who relocated here for work and those drawn to its life of luxury, this is most evident in the capital city Doha.
  • Doha is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of Qatar.
  • Doha has awesome attractions. You will be able to experience adventure, buzzing nightlife, culture or relaxation. Qatar does not only offer the most amazing desert landscapes but also stunning beautiful beaches beautiful beaches to enjoy.