Nursing Informatics Specialist - Grade 113

Nursing Informatics Doha Qatar

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Nursing Informatics Specialist - Grade 113

*Qatar Public Healthcare provider seeking to recruit international candidates*

In order to be considered for this vacancies you need to meet the essential education and experience requirements as mentioned below under "Minimum Requirements". 

Apply online & email your CV + educational certificates/ qualifications to

Global Medical Recruiting (GMR) is a "Registered Recruitment Partner" with the Medical Group in Qatar. GMR does not charge you (the applicant) any recruitment fees as we are paid by the Medical Group for our placement services. 



Basic Salary:  The offered amount is the discretion of the employer. 

Transport Allowance: 1250 QAR per month. 

Accommodation: Provided.

Annual Leave: 40 calendar days.

Schooling Assistance: 21 000 QAR (maximum) (up to 3 children) per child per academic year up to (ages from 5-18 years and provided that they are studying in private schools in Doha). Payment will be made upon submission of the appropriate receipts and will cover basic tuition fee only (provided that you obtained residence permit for them under your sponsorship).

Air Passage Entitlement: Economy class air passage/flight ticket for self and family - up to 3 children up to 18 years old, on joining, annual leave & repatriation (provided that he/she obtained residence permit for them under his/her sponsorship).

Baggage Allowance: Unaccompanied baggage for yourself - up to 50 kg and family up to 200 kg on joining, and 100kg for self and 250 kg for family on  repatriation, to be reimbursed at standard rate. 


The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements


Bachelor Degree in Nursing or Information Systems or IT - Information Technology or Business Administration or Management


5 Years (or more) industry experience in healthcare related field, predominantly in IT training.


Not applicable to this post. 


Fluent in English.



The Nursing Informatics specialists will work under the directive of the Director of Nursing Informatics, taking a pro-active role in the implementation of the IT Strategy, providing support and expanding capabilities in the areas of Clinical Information Systems (CIS) development & management, change management, training, research and administration.
The Nursing Informatics specialists are responsible for participating in the planning, development, training, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of assigned Clinical Information Systems, relying on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Participate in the system resolution sessions concerned with the clinical information system implementation, identify and manage resistance to change and contribute to strategies to mitigate resistance.
Ensure that the new initiatives introduced help to further the organizational objectives and fit in completely with its corporate vision and mission through analyzing requirements, designing programs, recommending system controls and protocols.
Participates on the Nursing Informatics Team, establishing teamwork through appropriate deployment of process, technical, and human resources in collaboration with the Executive Director of Nursing Informatics, Director of Nursing Informatics and the Project Manager.


1. Apply knowledge of computer science, information science, nursing, and informatics theory to nursing practice, education, administration, or research, in collaboration with other health informatics specialists.
2. Use informatics science to design or implement health information technology applications to resolve clinical or health care administrative problems.
3. Analyze computer and information technologies to determine applicability to nursing practice, education and training, administration or research.
4. Design, develop, select, test, implement, and evaluate new or modified informatics solutions, data structures, and decision-support mechanisms to support patients, healthcare professionals, and their information management and human-computer and human technology interactions within health care contexts.
5. Develop or deliver training and orientation programs for health information technology, creating operating manuals as needed.
6. Develop, implement or evaluate health information technology applications, tools, processes or structures to assist nurses with data management.
7. Design, conduct, or provide support to nursing informatics research.
8. Maintains end user confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.
9. Interface with service providers, clinical transformation team and other concerned parties to scope projects and direct the design development, build and validation cycle from inception to completion
10. Support the delivery and management of the Nursing Information Services function, including data quality assurance and other relevant information requirements.
11. Lead, organize and facilitates meetings with service providers, clinical transformation team to gather and document requirements and explore any potential problems with the users.
12. Translate nursing practice information between nurses and systems engineers, analysts, or designers using technical techniques.
13. Conduct needs assessments with end users to identify users requirements
14. Working closely with developers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction
15. Supporting work related to organizational and job design and nursing staff role definition required.
16. Involvement in communicating with and preparing nursing staff for changes and building commitment on individual base.
17. Provide consultation on complex projects and is considered to be the top level contributor/specialist.
18. Address nursing concerns or potential problems that may negatively affect the organization and makes recommendations to top management based
19. Assist in the delivery of stakeholder engagement and communications activities to promote awareness, information and engagement within the business
20. Develop or implement policies, competencies or practices for introducing, evaluating or modifying information technology applied to nursing practice, administration, education, or research in a way ensuring the privacy, confidentiality, or security of information and enhancing nursing practice.
21. Participates in the development of clinical informatics protocols, policies, procedures, and quality metrics; and works to assure compliance with regulations.
22. Assists in continually up-date and improve presentation and materials to stay abreast of new technology and ideas.
23. Enable, promote and support the effective use of data, information and knowledge and technology to support and improve health and health care delivery
24. Apply the philosophy, tools and techniques of the systems development life cycle to assigned projects to the Informatics team.
25. Managing regulatory authority applications and approvals that oversee the research and marketing for new and existing informatics projects and trends
26. Prioritizing and managing many open cases at one time
27. Prepares regular technical, analytical and statistical reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.
28. Monitor costs to ensure consistency with budget and justify expenditures.
29. Disseminate information about nursing informatics science and practice to the profession, other health care professions, nursing students, and the public.
30. Expand the body of knowledge and focus on developing new methods improving the quality of patients' care.
31. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks benchmarking state of- the-art practices; participating in professional societies.
32. Participates in committees, as assigned.
33. Familiar with a variety of the fields concepts, practices, and procedures
34. Perform other responsibilities as required.


About the Employer


The healthcare provider to over two million expatriates and Qatari nationals living and working in Qatar.

This is a diverse and exciting organization where over 90 different nationalities work together for the single purpose of improving the quality of human life through patient care, education and research.

The organization is committed to developing of employees through training, educating and career advancement opportunities.

You will be constantly learning. Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Your individuality will be recognized. 

You are invited to apply for job openings. 


Qatar is home to many expats who relocated here for work and those drawn to its life of luxury, this is most evident in the capital city Doha.

Doha is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of Qatar. Doha has awesome attractions.

You will be able to experience adventure, buzzing nightlife, culture or relaxation.

Qatar does not only offer the most amazing desert landscapes but also stunning beautiful beaches to enjoy.