PET CT Nuclear Medicine Technologist - I - Grade 110 - Doha, Qatar

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PET CT Nuclear Medicine Technologist - I - Grade 110 

*International candidates invited to apply for contract jobs at Qatar Public Healthcare provider .

Minimum requirement: 5 Years PET CT nuclear medicine technology experience. 


Both Steps needs to be followed in order to be considered for this vacancy.

Step 1:Register your profile to be added to the candidates register.  Register here>>>

Steps 2: Email your CV + valid home country license to practice + educational certificates/ qualifications to

Global Medical Recruiting (GMR) is a "Registered Recruitment Partner" with the Medical Group in Qatar. GMR does not charge you (the applicant) any recruitment fees as we are paid by the Medical Group for our placement services. 



Basic Salary: +/- 10 050 QAR per month. This is only an estimated amount. The offered amount is the discretion of the employer. 

Transport Allowance: 1250 QAR per month. 

Accommodation: Provided.

Annual Leave: 40 calendar days.

Air Passage Entitlement: Economy class air passage/flight ticket for self and family - up to 3 children up to 18 years old, on joining, annual leave & repatriation (provided that he/she obtained residence permit for them under his/her sponsorship).

Baggage Allowance: Unaccompanied baggage for yourself - up to 50 kg and family up to 200 kg on joining, and 100kg for self and 250 kg for family on  repatriation, to be reimbursed at standard rate. 


The benefits outlined here are those that apply to most employees. Salary offer packages are determined by the employer. Global Medical Recruiting can assist the applicant with salary offer negotiations with the employer, but in the end the final salary package offered is at the sole discretion of the employer and not of Global Medical Recruiting.

Minimum Requirements


Bachelor Degree in Nuclear Medicine or

3 Year Diploma in Nuclear Medicine.


Bachelor Degree in Radiology Science, Healthcare related field WITH postgraduate qualifications in Nuclear Medicine Technology 


Nuclear Medicine Technologist: Not less than 5 Years PET CT nuclear medicine technology experience.


You must have a valid primary license in Nuclear Medicine from the country of origin AND you should be eligible for license from the licensing authority in the State of Qatar to practice as a healthcare profession.


Fluent in English. 



The Clinical Imaging Technologist is responsible for performing a variety of complex imaging procedures for medical diagnostic or interventional therapeutic purposes at the request of an authorized medical or dental practitioner, utilizing all modalities of medical imaging equipment that produces ionizing radiation, ultrasound, magnetic fields, or following administration of medical radioisotopes.

The technologist is also responsible for patient information registry and report preparation, equipment maintenance, and other duties as relevant.

Specifically, the senior clinical imaging technologist possesses specialized and / or highly advanced skills and expertise in a particular area of imaging.

The Senior Clinical Imaging Technologist is also responsible for patient information registry and report preparation, equipment maintenance, and other duties as relevant.

The Senior Clinical Imaging Technologist demonstrates independent judgment and significant professional knowledge in performing clinical tasks, and ensures the safety of patients, staff, and other members of the public in accordance with established dosage and operating guidelines.

The Senior Clinical Imaging Technologist is significantly more experienced and specialized in various imaging modalities than the Clinical Imaging technologists, and performs a teaching, education, training, and mentoring role for technologists, technicians, and students.

The Nuclear medicine technologist is responsible for preparing radio-pharmaceuticals and determines correct patient dosages.

The Nuclear Medicine technologist is responsible for injecting the patient by radioactive tracers as requested by the Radiologist and agreed clinical protocols of the clinical imaging in line with the international NM and PET scan standards.

The Nuclear medicine technologist performs diagnostic and therapeutic medicine and PET procedures indicated by their own competency.

The Nuclear Medicine Technologist is responsible for the delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to the patient and imaging of various types of patients.

Perform other duties as requested.




About the Employer


The healthcare provider to over two million expatriates and Qatari nationals living and working in Qatar.

This is a diverse and exciting organization where over 90 different nationalities work together for the single purpose of improving the quality of human life through patient care, education and research.

The organization is committed to developing of employees through training, educating and career advancement opportunities.

You will be constantly learning. Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork. Your individuality will be recognized. 

You are invited to apply for job openings. 


Qatar is home to many expats who relocated here for work and those drawn to its life of luxury, this is most evident in the capital city Doha.

Doha is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of Qatar. Doha has awesome attractions.

You will be able to experience adventure, buzzing nightlife, culture or relaxation.

Qatar does not only offer the most amazing desert landscapes but also stunning beautiful beaches to enjoy.